My name is Henry Valois.

I have put my name forward to represent the residents of Ward 19 Cumberland.


I have been a resident of Cumberland for 39 years. I have enjoyed living in Cumberland where I have raised three beautiful daughters. I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to serve and protect not only the residents of Ward 19 but anyone driving through this beautiful part of the city of Ottawa. I have been an active member in supporting our community, and take pride in creating a friendly and safe place for everyone.  

                       SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CUMBERLAND 

Back in 1990, I signed up to become a volunteer firefighter in Cumberland village and it has been very rewarding. I've realized that helping people when they are having life threatening emergencies is a very special part of my life. My love of firefighting has also led me to a job as an instructor in the Fire Program at Algonquin College. Now that I have over 30 years of service as a firefighter and educator, it’s time to use the experience, knowledge and training that I have gained to continue to serve the public in a different role.

Being your voice at City Council is the next step. I believe that with the experience I have gained working closely with the residents of Ward 19, I would be an ideal candidate to become your next Councillor, representative, and your voice on City Council.


Over the years,  I have volunteered with many different service clubs and community groups in Ward 19. These are some of my most memorable:

Special Events

  • Volunteer with the World Record 50 Horse Hitch

  • Christmas Parades

Community Safety

  • Volunteer Firefighter

  • Ottawa Relief Flood Volunteer

  • Neighborhood Volunteer


  • Hay West where I drove hay from Ottawa area to Brockville

  • 24 Hour Skate-a-thon for CHEO

  • Food Drive for Cumberland Orleans Resource Centre

  • Volunteer for Muscular Dystrophy Drive

Community Involvement

  • Director for the Navan Fair

  • Lions Club Activities

  • Volunteer with the Cumberland Community Association

  • Outdoor Rink Volunteer

  • Volunteer Cumberland Heritage Museum

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Henry Valois